Derrick Jones Jr Biography

Derrick Jones Jr

Jones (Derrick Jones Jr) is an American Music Artist from Wichita, Kansas. Since July 2011 he has released 2 mixtapes  and 6 independent singles. His Latest Single Dearly Departed, was release on December 7, 2018. Aside from his music, Derrick Jones Jr is an advocate for mental health and anti-racism.

2011 – 2015: Career beginnings At the age of 22, Derrick released his first mixtape, titled Pandora (2011) Jones was a former member of a local rap group called Soviet Union a hip hop collective , appearing on the collective’s 4th mixtape before he decided to branch out on his own, after his first mixtape release. In an interview with Rudeboy Magazine in 2015 Jones released his first Debut Single as a solo artist “Nothing On me”.

2015 – Present

While working with a fellow rapper and recording artist Tooly on his second mixtape, Jones began to take rap much more seriously and began recording his Debut Album For Your Consideration. In an interview with The Juice (Zion Sixtyone), Jones discussed how “racism, class-ism and life lessons will all be included in a weekly release “New Music Fridays”. The first of the 15 part series titled “The Roof Is On Fire” feat Erica Jacob released in July 2018 was followed by an immediate release “Big Break” which was released October 23rd 2018.