Derrick Jones Jr Opens Up About Depression

In light of the many recent deaths of so many loved ones, It is time to take action and take responsibility for our conversation around what’s been plaguing our community more than ever. 

Depression and Suicide are real. They’re real thoughts that real people have, and they have real consequences if we don’t Ask for help when we need it. 

I suffered from depression for many years without even knowing about it because it didn’t look like what I thought depression would look like. I cried but not every night, I became good at lying to myself and saying everything was alright. I ate a lot of food and gained weight from the stresses of my life, but I justified it by saying I needed to eat so I could have enough energy to workout. I made small compromises each day of my character that led to an even compromise in my life… I was depressed. 

Sounds simple but we all do it, we justify our symptoms and say that they’re one thing when we don’t want to ask others for help because “It’s just a little problem, I’ll be alright”. The little things can add up and will always lead to bigger things. That big thing IS DEPRESSION.

Ask for help from your friends and family, pay attention to the signs, don’t be afraid to tell someone that you notice a difference in their speech or their behavior. 

Deep Depression Derrick Jones Jr

It’s not about fixing people, it’s about becoming more and more aware that we’re all human beings and we all need help. 

Depression is a battle that is won in one day it’s a battle that is won in a lifetime. Know this that it is much easier to prevent it than it is to get rid of it. So maybe you’re having the worst day, tell someone about it who you can trust. If you can’t trust anyone then call a professional help line, TRUST ME, I’ve have the luxury of having professionals in my life that help me all the time because there is no room for pride when it comes to matters of the heart and the mind. 

Give help every day. Recieve help every day. Share the truth Every Day.